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revWorks enables companies to accelerate revenue growth through the acquisition of strategic customers.


sales acceleration

Through our network, revWorks is able to put you in direct contact with key decision makers, economic buyers and influencers early in the sales process. We will continue to mentor those relationships through the initial transactions.



revWorks helps to improve your success through a customized sales process development and qualification methodology to help you scale your sales efforts to meet market opportunities.



revWork’s can also help you build out your sales organization by assisting in recruiting key members of your sales organization including individual contributor roles as well as leadership positions.



revWorks provides fundamental baseline sales training that establishes your company’s unique value proposition with the right information to further your sales efforts.

Industries & Markets

revWorks has expertise in many industries and markets worldwide. Our extensive network is ready to work on your behalf helping your company acquire these key accounts you have sought. Specifically we can assist with key account acquisition in the following areas:

 • High technology (enterprise software sales)
 • Manufacturing (offerings improving the manufacturing process)
 • Aerospace and Aviation
 • Food and Agriculture
 • Industrial (materials, chemicals, IoT)
 • Healthcare
 • Insurance
 • Telecom

…and more

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Founders of revWorks

Jay Shrankler

Jay Schrankler

Jay is a successful senior executive with leadership experience spanning Fortune 100’s to startups. He is focused on transforming and building businesses and technology enterprises, creating global strategic partnerships, and building exceptional high-performance teams.

He has a proven track record of success, including start-up founder/CEO, VP of Engineering of $400M business unit, VP/GM of a $400M business unit, President of a $1.4B+ business unit, marketing lead of $16B business unit, board member and senior adviser. He has significant successes when creating products or services of sizable market value, with autonomy to drive it forward and help people grow and develop into their highest potential for realizing success.

He has built a reputation in building sales teams in technology industries. As head of sales for a $500M aerospace business, Jay was able to win business from major corporations and countries around the world, often winning business over much bigger and entrenched competition. He has since translated this expertise into helping young companies get traction in the market by not only training in sales but making connections with key accounts.

Known as an expert in sales, key account acquisition, business, management, leadership, and disruptive technology and innovation; He has served as a lecturer/advisor in technology sales and marketing in top business schools, engineering schools, US Military and in the private sector globally including in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland and the US.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael (or ‘fitz’ as most people like to call him) is a successful senior sale’s professional with over 20 years experience in both the corporate and start-up worlds, working primarily with Silicon Valley & Boston-based technology start-ups and established mid-range companies with explosive growth. His ability to create order out of chaos that ultimately drives results is what makes him special.

Consistent and repeatable sales acumen is part of his DNA. Having been a part of some of the most transformational tech companies over the past 20 plus years in a sales and sales management capacity has allowed for a deep understanding of complex selling at the enterprise level.

His role within an organization spans from COO, CRO, VP/Director of Sales, VP/Director of Business Development or Strategic Account Manager.

Sales experience includes solid experience in go-to-market strategies, social selling style of engagement, strategic planning and execution, process driven qualification (MEDDIC), high-dollar negotiation, innovative marketing (content marketing), complex technology solutions and strategic partnerships. He has a track record of identifying and acquiring high-value accounts.

When he isn’t working Michael is a city dweller and resides in downtown Minneapolis and is passionate about city life, live music, nature/environment, community, whole/slow food, exercise, motorcycles and purpose driven work.

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If you need to build the right type of sales team for your company, product/service and industry then revWorks can help.